Cooking with electric/heating element

Electric cooker works by heat conduction and radiation. When switched on, cooking zones quickly heat up and turn red. Cooker is easy to clean, temperature stable, and maintains some residual heat that can still be used after unit has been turned off.

Cooking with induction

Induction cooker allows heat to be generated directly in the pan. This is achieved by copper coils placed under the glass top. When current flows through coils, electromagnetic field is created. There is no heat on coil/burner itself. Heat is created in bottom part of cookware that is induction suitable. Cookware bottom must be magnetic in order to work with induction cooker. Induction system has immediate response to every power/temperature level change. As soon as cookware was removed from the cooking zone, induction process is stopped and cooker immediately stops and displays error E 0, meaning no cookware detected.

Cooking with gas

Gas cooker delivers heat instantly and stops it same way. With our device, burners ignite with the push of a button. Temperature is controlled directly and very precisely by adjusting the flame.